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Who I am: My name is Amel (an Arabic word meaning hope). I’m an experienced Arabic to English translator and native speaker of English offering high-quality translation, localization, linguistic validation, and cultural consulting services. I use my skills as a professional freelance writer and editor to produce publication-ready texts that sound natural in English.

My areas of interest and specialization include news, current events, politics, human rights, business, education, religion, health, culture, history, geography, and literature, with a focus on Islam and the Arab world.

Although I was born, raised, and educated in the United States, I have lived in an Arabic-speaking country for nearly two decades of my adult life, giving me ample time to solidify my knowledge of the language and immerse myself in the culture of the region.

FACT: I always work in partnership with a native speaker of Arabic when working on a translation project. Each word we translate is crafted with careful attention to cultural nuances, intelligibility, accuracy, and regard for the target audience.

Find out why I choose to work with a partner, and get other answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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