If you’re a professional freelance translator, you are almost certainly no stranger to the feast and famine nature of the translation industry. One minute, you have more work than you can handle… the next, you’re wondering if you’ll ever work again.

As we all know, even the most lucrative projects eventually often dry up with no prior warning, leaving you to hustle for new clients.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ride out these lows by creating your own translation projects on the side that would not only keep you intellectually engaged, but also generate a steady flow of cash?

That’s what my new Facebook Group for Bilingual Writers is all about. It’s a private group I created to support talented translators like you who want to use their language skills to earn a living from the comfort of home.

Professional freelance writers generally earn anywhere from 10 cents per word (on the low end) to more than a dollar or two per word on the high end.

For most freelance translators, these are welcome rates, especially if you’ve ever toiled away on a complicated translation project with a tight deadline for low pay and an ungrateful client. The focus of the group is on showing you how to create great content and connect with the clients who want to buy it.

Who should join this group?

People of all backgrounds are welcome, but you are likely to benefit more if you possess the following traits and characteristics:

  • You enjoy writing and consider yourself a good writer;
  • You are curious about the world and enjoy interacting with others;
  • You are web-savvy and know how to perform independent research;
  • You are willing to market your work and learn new skills;
  • You are creative and don’t easily get discouraged;
  • You don’t mind working hard to create a successful career;
  • You have professional working knowledge of two or more languages.

Ready to Translate your Writing Skills into CA$H? 

Join the group today! This resource is currently absolutely free.

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