350 PAYING Literary Markets for Creative Writers & Translators (2021-2022 Edition)

There are many kinds of translation, but literary translation holds a special allure. Those who enjoy writing often become translators hoping to translate short stories, poems, and novels – and it can be disheartening to find out that there is actually a much greater demand among translation buyers for things like vacuum cleaner manuals, birth certificates, and police reports.

Some retreat at this point, not wishing to expend their talents on these more mundane translation opportunities.

Some make this retreat far too quickly, however, never taking the time to really explore their options for translating the works they love. If you are passionate about literary translation, this book will provide you with some of the tools one needs to get started in what sometimes feels like an impenetrable field.

With guidelines and contact information for 350 handpicked web and print publications that pay writers, poets, and translators for their creative works (including memoirs, essays, and other forms of creative non-fiction), this unique compilation of markets will introduce you to a vast and seemingly endless sea of paying opportunities just waiting to be discovered. About a third of the markets listed in the book specifically say that they accept translated work, making it a valuable resource for literary translators in search of opportunities that help build portfolios AND pay the bills.

These markets are not exclusively for translators, however, also making it an essential reference for creative writers in search of new and diverse markets to approach. Whichever genre you write (or translate) in, you are sure to find a potential market for your work.

Written with the modern reader in mind, the book’s convenient, interactive format will save you hours of research-time as you access essential information about each market with just the click of your mouse (or the tap of your finger). Start making contact with editors and getting paid for your creative works today!

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