FAQ #2: Is there anything you DON’T translate?

Note: This is an on-going series of Q&As I have compiled in order to introduce new and potential clients to my Arabic<>English translation services. Have a question of your own? Ask it here.

Question: Is there anything you don’t translate?

Answer: I don’t translate texts requiring specialized knowledge in fields like law, engineering, or medicine. General healthcare materials are fine, however. These may include patient questionnaires, healthcare websites or brochures, product descriptions, and educational texts that do not contain highly specialized terminology that only a doctor or pharmacist would typically understand.

For quality-control reasons, we maintain contact with a wide network of medical professionals in both the United States and the Middle East – including a registered nurse who has recently become a member of our core translation team. We take accuracy very seriously and consult with these professionals when needed to ensure the most accurate medical terminology for all of your translated documents.

Other materials I do not translate include pornography, hate-speech, and texts that promote gambling or the use of drugs or alcohol. Exceptions may be made depending on the purpose of a text. If, for example, such topics appear within the context of a police investigation, a linguistic study, or another acceptable (to me) purpose, this would be different than (for example) translating a wine menu for use in a restaurant or pornographic material intended for public consumption.

In general, I need to review a text before agreeing to work with it, and I reserve the right to reject any text for any reason. Feel free to send me your text for evaluation, and I’ll let you know for sure whether I can take it on.

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