Note: This is an on-going series of Q&As I have compiled in order to introduce new and potential clients to my Arabic<>English translation services. Have a question of your own? Ask it here.

Question: What is your quality control process?

Answer: My partner and I work in close cooperation to ensure we provide you with translations that are well-written, accurate, and free from clumsy errors.

When faced with a new text to translate, the first thing we generally do is read it carefully to understand the tone, message, and purpose of the document. We may highlight any words or passages that look like they will require further clarification or research. We then discuss the text and the approach we plan on taking.

We decide things like how many words or pages we will be able to translate each day, how long it will take to edit the text, and how we will handle any special challenges the text may pose.

After this, we work together to create a solid first draft of the translation. During this process, we identify any problem areas and discuss possible resolutions. We research terms together and agree on the meanings of difficult-to-translate words or expressions. If possible, we may also seek clarification from a text’s author on terms or concepts that are vague or open to interpretation.

Once the draft is finished, I work alone to edit the text. I read through each and every word in the text and work to eliminate anything that sounds awkward or stilted in English, also making sure that the text is free from grammar or spelling errors.

After the first edit, I continue to polish the text until it no longer reads like a translation. Time permitting, I may do this several times until I am satisfied with the outcome. I then ask my partner to read the edited version and provide relevant feedback. When we are both satisfied with the final translation, we send it back to the client for his or her review.

As you can see, professional translation is a multi-layered process requiring in-depth knowledge and expertise. For best results, however, you should also seek out language professionals who genuinely care about the final outcome (something no machine can ever offer). Here at ARABIC & MORE, we take a very personalized approach to our linguistic work and don’t feel satisfied with a text until you do.


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