Note: This is an on-going series of Q&As I have compiled in order to introduce new and potential clients to my Arabic<>English translation services. Have a question of your own? Ask it here.

Question: Who else is involved in the translation process?

Answer: As mentioned previously, there are times when a term or concept may be vague, unclear, or open to interpretation.

When this happens, our preference is to consult with the author of a text, since the author is often the only one who can say for sure what he or she meant by using a particular word or expression.

We thus very much appreciate working with clients who allow us to communicate with authors directly, or at least facilitate this type of invaluable communication by acting as a go-between.

When this is not possible (as is often the case if the author is deceased or otherwise unavailable), we may also consult with experts in a particular field to clarify a term or some other element of a text. In the past, we have consulted with professors and scholars in various fields, lab technicians, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, translation colleagues, and even teenagers (in the case of unfamiliar slang terms).

As explained above, we will work with experts to decipher the meaning of complicated or unfamiliar word and phrases. If we’re not satisfied with what we find, then we’ll make an educated guess, but we’ll also make a note about it so that you remain informed.

Of course, it goes without saying that we always maintain the confidentiality of your documents and work within the terms specified in any relevant NDAs or special agreements we have with you as well.


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