Recent & On-going Projects

The team here at ARABIC & MORE has been working on many interesting projects over the past several months, including the following:


  • Translated a hi-tech app for migraine patients, plus other healthcare materials;
  • Reviewed medical text for Lebanese children for accuracy and localization purposes;
  • Conducted new linguistic study aimed at patients with rare blood disorder;
  • Found crucial errors in healthcare surveys destined for Arab world;
  • Continued editing a groundbreaking new biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH);
  • Wrote article on Quran Math Miracles for a popular website;
  • Mentored new translator for potential collaboration on long-term projects.

Other Projects (pre-2019):

We’ve just finished a mega-translation project of more than 100,000 words that involved translating random Arabic content from the Internet into English. One of the things we noticed here is that a lot of today’s on-line Arabic-language content has been machine translated, resulting in nonsensical web pages on crucial topics like medicine, health, and business. If you’re looking to reach Arabic-speaking consumers with your message, don’t make the same mistake! Hire a professional writer or translator who really understands your audience.

I wrote a set of marketing articles for publication (in English) on a European client’s blog. So far, the posts have covered topics like the use of emotions in advertising, the merits of the CSAT score, and how to make videos go viral. This is an on-going gig requiring strong research skills, an interest in “weird” science, and the ability to keep readers hungry for more.

We translated thousands of Arabic-language tweets from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other countries in the MENA region. Social media projects often look simple on the surface but can be extremely challenging due to the many slang words, typos, and abbreviations.

We back translated a letter to patients participating in a medical study and caught an important error in the original Arabic text. We identified another very serious (potentially life-threatening) error while completing a linguistic validation study, proving once again that it does not pay to skimp on translation and editing resources.

An experienced educator authored a bilingual (Arabic-English) workbook for children but didn’t realize how complicated the text would sound to a native speaker of English. We helped her simplify the language and create a more child-friendly text.

We’ve been collaborating with an award-winning author to translate a regular newspaper column of his to English. We’re also working to get these articles published!

A member of our team began transcribing a series of Arabic-language business podcasts for eventual translation and publication in English.

Want to work with us on a project of your own? Contact us today for a free consultation. We offer many different services in both Arabic and English and have worked on hundreds of projects since 2004.