Recent & On-going Projects

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. The team here at ARABIC & MORE worked on many interesting projects during the year, including the following:


  • Conducted 20+ linguistic studies aimed at pediatric and adult patients with rare health conditions for a total of more than 100 similar projects completed since 2012;
  • Conducted several back translations of medical questionnaires and related materials, identifying errors and areas of potential confusion;
  • Conducted translatability assessments of language used on medical questionnaires, identifying areas of potential confusion before translation;
  • Conducted reviews of healthcare surveys destined for Arab world, identifying crucial errors before final publication;
  • Reviewed medical text for Lebanese children for accuracy and localization purposes;
  • Translated numerous medical questionnaires aimed at patients in the Arab world;
  • Translated instructions for the proper use and disposal of a common medical device;
  • Translated a mobile training module app intended for use by medical professionals in the Arab world;
  • Translated a hi-tech app for migraine patients;
  • Translated health-care materials of relevance to children in Jordan;
  • Added new material and crucial updates to an existing medical translation of a diary that helps patients keep track of the medications they use over a long period;
  • Made vital improvements to health-care materials intended for use in Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf states;
  • Performed urgent transcriptions of medical interviews.


  • Began editing a groundbreaking new biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH);
  • Translated history and geography texts to English and Arabic;
  • Edited Makkah at the Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), by Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi.


  • Worked with newly graduated medical student to prepare application materials for residency training in the United States;
  • Wrote articles on Quran Math Miracles and The Wonders of Ant Architecture for a popular website;
  • Completed work on English-language editing and ghostwriting projects;
  • Mentored new translators for potential collaboration and added a registered nurse to our team of dedicated translators!

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