Since 2012, the ARABIC & MORE team has completed more than 110 cognitive debriefing projects (including more than 600 in-person interviews) for major pharmaceutical companies that have involved recruiting and interviewing participants in Arabic, translating the interviews to English, and analyzing the responses for linguistic validation purposes. We use highly trained interviewers of both genders, which can be important when the topic of a survey, study, or questionnaire is deemed sensitive.

As part of the linguistic validation process, we provide harmonization and back translation services and also translate healthcare materials, including patient questionnaires and QoL instruments.

We are connected to a wide network of Arabic-speaking healthcare professionals in both the United States and the Middle East and have successfully recruited nurses and physicians in different specialties to provide clinician reviews.

NEW: As of July 2019, we have added a registered nurse to our team of dedicated reviewers and translators. She is fully bilingual in Arabic and English and works with us on linguistic validation and other tasks.

Don’t trust an unknown entity to handle your linguistic validation needs. We understand the process and won’t let you down.

Contact us today for a free quote. We’d be delighted to hear from you.


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