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the-korak-councilIn 2011, I co-translated The Korak Council (a 340-page novel authored by award-winning Sudanese writer Amir Tag Elsir) to English for the Ministry of Culture in Qatar.

When Adam Nadher goes to the weekly Korak Council for the first time, he is shocked by what he sees there. It is a place where anyone can go to scream and ask the sultan for whatever his heart desires. An idea takes root in Adam’s mind, and it is not long before he is fashioning his own scream. But will he get more than he bargained for? Find out in The Korak Council…

An excerpt from the novel:

Adam Nadher and his father walked to the Council that day, their feet sinking into the sands of Jwa Jwa. They passed through quiet streets and streets roaring with activity, encountering strangers from faraway places who carried their colorful screams with them.

The summer season was nearly at its end. An occasional playful breeze eased the sting of heat as billows of clouds made their way through the sky. Adam Nadher felt he was on top of the world. Throughout the long, winding walk, he reveled in the scent of manhood that he felt in his thobe and turban, the hairs of his faint mustache, and the deerskin shoes which he wore for the first time in honor of the occasion.

Adam’s steps—which he made larger as he tried to keep up with the mature, strong steps of his father—too imbued him with a wonderful, exuberant feeling. He walked excitedly in anticipation of the experience he was about to have, almost trembling as he thought about the crowd which he had heard about many times, but had never seen for himself.

Editorial Review (appears on the original book cover):

Scheherazade would have loved this novel! In a fabulous African sultanate the bizarre and the grotesque jostle to emit the loudest screams; there are drum-makers, eunuchs and magicians; pleasure councils and tyrants – a feast of storytelling verve and comic invention from a brilliant, distinctive writer.”

Leila Aboulela, author of Lyrics Alley

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