As a long-time writer and former magazine editor, I am passionate about all things journalism. My partner and I have translated hundreds of news articles and also translate other journalism-related materials, such as videos, audio recordings, and television shows. Since 2008, we have translated:

  • Nearly 700 articles covering Middle East news, culture, politics, and business for publication on a popular news website;
  • Dozens of other news articles and blog posts originating in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria;
  • Numerous oral Q&A interviews conducted with government officials and ordinary citizens for an Iraqi news agency;
  • Transcripts of Arabic-language satellite news programs.

We have also worked to produce translations of political speeches, religious texts, and other items of interest to independent researchers.

I’d be pleased to work with you on your next journalism-related translation project.

Whether you just need a summary of the day’s Arabic-language news or something more in-depth, my partner and I can do it for you. We are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines while maintaining high standards of quality and accuracy.

Contact me today for a free quote. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Note: If you’re an author who writes primarily in Arabic, we can help get your work published in English. Contact me for details.

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