Join me as I find my way back…

Once upon a time, I had multiple sites and blogs dedicated to multiple topics, including:

  • Freelance Writing
  • The Art and Business of Translation
  • Inspiration and Resources for Muslim Writers

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Like a lot of creative types, I have a steady stream of ideas for projects running around in my head, and I have a vision for each one.

These days, however, my work as a writer and translator occupies most of my time. I’ve also been editing a couple of books, such as the recently published Makkah at the Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), by Kuwaiti researcher Binimad Al-Ateeqi.

The types of projects I tend to work on and enjoy are usually somewhat intense and require long stretches of time to complete. A typical translation project, for example, may take weeks, months, or even years to finish. Since I need to focus on this work, I find that it is no longer possible to maintain multiple sites and blogs just for the fun of it.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to stop blogging. After a long break from the various websites I was running, I have found that I really miss connecting with my readers. For many years now, blogging has offered me the opportunity to reach out to others with valuable information about the business of freelance writing and translation. It makes me so happy whenever I am able to help someone get published or achieve a freelance goal.

Arabic & More (the site you are viewing now) started as a way to introduce potential clients to my Arabic to English translation services, but the “more” in the site’s title gives me a little flexibility. I’m back to blogging, and I will (insha’Allah) be adding new content on various topics whenever I have the time. Instead of multiple sites, there will just be one now.

Although I have a number of exciting plans for the site’s future, I’m not going to make any grand statements or promises regarding what type of content you can expect to find here. However, I hope you’ll follow along if you have an interest in writing, translation, language, working at home, and various other related (and sometimes non-related) topics. There is sure to be a little of something for everyone here – and you don’t have to be of a particular background to benefit.

Have you ever given up something that was important to you and then found your way back later on?

Share your experiences by leaving a comment!

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