For Fun: Can you say these sentences out loud (with a straight face)?

Pheasant Feathers

I’ve been cleaning out some old files on my computer, and I have found some, uh…rather interesting things I totally forgot about, including the following sentences I once wrote to help children pronounce the F and TH sounds.

Have fun reading them aloud!

  • Four frizzy felines frightened a flock of feisty finches.
  • The frenetic physician performed first-aid on a faint, lethargic frog.
  • Five foolish friends fought over a Frisbee and fell flat on their faces.
  • Frank felt rather thirsty after feasting on fried fish fillets.
  • Three furry ferrets frolicked in a field of fragrant forget-me-nots.
  • The thief’s fingerprints were found on Francine’s fragile figurines.
  • The weatherman forecast a month full of ferocious thunderstorms and floods.
  • A family from Finland found fifteen pheasant feathers while fencing in the forest.
  • The farmer fed finger foods to a friendly fox in the fog.
  • Fatimah wolfed down figs in her frilly flowered frock.

What unexpected things have you found on your computer lately?

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